buying with a wholesaler $30k different in ARV

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It's a hot market, but I don't think people are too irrational. I see a property in lakeland, fl, from a wholesaler advertise for $80k, repair $50k, ARV at $180k. I look around the area and I can only see the property can only sell for $150k. Am i wasting both of our time trying to connect to the wholesaler if the different is too high?

I can try to make it work for rental at $1300/month and lower rehab cost ($15k-22k) . But that would be just me talking myself into the deal.

@John Lee No, go ahead and make an offer that makes sense for you. If that is what you are really seeing then that is what other investors will see. You may be the only offer, which means even a much lower offer than asking might be accepted.

I had a property years ago that I had mis-priced. A serious flipper didn't make an offer because we were to far apart. We finally sold it at auction for about $30-40K below what we were originally asking. When that rehabber learned what we sold it for he was kicking himself, He would have easily paid $5-10k+ more than we sold it for. We lost money on the house and would have happily taken what he was willing to offer.