Book Recommendationts for beginners?

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Any book recommendations for beginners that focuses on the steps on purchasing your first property/renting? Thank you in advance1
Originally posted by @Juan Alvarez :
@Brandon Reed I was looking into The rental property investing by BP. Do you recommend it? If so is it for beginners?

 It's a great book and, yes, it is a good one for beginners or people with some experience.  Brandon Turner goes step-by-step in it.

Brandon's book here on BP, the book on Real Estate Investing is a fantastic starter book. Buy it today and get 30% off. Flash sale. 

@Juan Alvarez  Here are a few books that I found to be extremely clear and helpful:

The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner (BP Book. Great intro to all things rental related)

Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub (As the title would suggest, it caters to new investors. It is an awesome starting point. My only issue with this book is how much the author values appreciation in his deal analysis. Appreciation is an awesome bonus but not something a deal should rely on.)

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow... And 36 Other Key Financial Measures by Frank Gallinelli (This one really gets into the numbers. If I were you, I would read it after you read the other two. It's a great resource, but having a sound, general understanding of REI before you read it will make a big difference.)

I hope those help! 

Hey @Juan Alvarez - Yep it's absolutely good for beginners. Even though I think it technically says it's for Investors with and without definitely felt like it was catered towards Investors looking to get their business off the ground.

Hey @Account Closed - Do you know if "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow...and 36 Other Key Financial Measures" is available on Audiobook anywhere? I'm not finding it but didn't know if you'd seen it in that format anywhere....?

@Brandon Reed I have not seen it on Audiobook anywhere. That being said, I do not think that Audiobook is the best platform for this book in particular. It reads smoothly but the information within it is almost consistent with what you would find in a textbook. I read most of my books on Kindle, and actually returned this one to get the hard copy. If you are able to find an audio version, it would likely be a great primer for the information, but my guess is that you would want to sit back and physically work through the numbers afterwards. I hope that helps! 

Originally posted by @Juan Alvarez :
Any book recommendations for beginners that focuses on the steps on purchasing your first property/renting? Thank you in advance1

I am also fairly new so I can give a few recommendations with what I started with. I have listened to pretty much the whole last year of BP podcasts which I have fallen in love with. All the BP books are very good (Brandon Turner's books are my favorites) and obviously Rich Dad Poor Dad and Never Split The Difference are some to get you going.

Hey Juan- Welcome to BiggerPockets!

The various books links below are those that have inspired me as well as equipped me with actionable items to move forward in my journey of finding financial freedom through Real Estate Investing. I hope this will help you as well!

My Favorite Books

  • A Helpful Book List by BiggerPockets: BP Book List Link
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  • Flip: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit
  • ABC's to Real Estate Investing
  • The Book on Rental Property Investing
  • The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
  • Set For Life

Just want to share what has helped me thus far! Looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care!

How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie. 

Granted, the book isn't real estate specific but you must understand how to connect with people if you are going to be successful.  

Diplomatic respect for others needs and wants will translate into opportunity. 

A classic buy and hold rental book is Landlording by the late Leigh Robinson, often in local libraries or very low cost used. 

It is "the yellow book" covering all the basic rental practices and even imparts the unique landlord sense of humor you will develop over time  (via the funny cartoons). Any fairly recent edition will work.

Best of luck.