looking for a Wholesaler in Oregon/ Washington area to mentor me

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Hey Guys new to wholesaling and would love to shadow someone that lives in the Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington area. Eager to Learn and would love to see how things are done.. Hope to hear back !! thanks  

@Roston Tatum I’m not a wholesaler but I see post like this every week. You are asking someone to take on additional work to help you learn. This a really hard request for the best wholesalers, landlords, property managers etc. as it’s basically another job. I would suggest you start attending local real estate meet ups and make connections with folks who are doing what you would like to do. Build relationships with these people and your network and it will naturally lead to opportunities to learn the business. Making specific offers of assistance will greatly improve your chances of someone saying yes. Best of luck as you start your real estate journey.

Or you can do what I did. Get your license. Then you have more in-depth conversations, and share in compensation as well. I.e. Most of my work is spent helping myself, friends and family and my primary job is not as a Realtor, but I still help when I get requests. 

When I got my license I was essentially broke (recently divorced and had to sell it all), but I got a box of business cards and I just started talking and handing it out whenever someone might need my phone number - whether or not they needed my services.

That being said, what I have learned since late 2015 being in the trenches, I believed I never could have learned otherwise. Beaverton is too far for me to travel to mentor, but it you were closer I am open to it.