Searching for a wholesaling mentor

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Hi All, 

I'm searching for a person to show me the ropes in wholesaling in exchange for a part of the deals that I close/bring to the table.  I understand the mechanics of how to do it but want some guidance regarding execution.  I've been given a great opportunity to start my journey and don't want to squander it.  I was just laid off from my job, have severance and can collect unemployment for the next nine months which means I can throw myself into this business full time and really make some big moves.  Now is the time and I need a guru.  If there are any wholesalers in New England or in Florida (since we want to move down there in the next few months) that would be willing to show me how they became successful I'd like to talk to you. As I said, I'm willing to share profits from the deals I land but I need some help with the first few steps.

A little more about me.  I've been working in high tech sales and marketing for the past twenty years. I'm not shy and I'm comfortable starting cold conversations with owners.  I've got experience in social media, outbound marketing and research. I know my why.  I am more excited about my mid life career transition than I (even as a writer) can put into words and I'm hungry for success.

Anyone interested in a protogee that is willing to drive additional income your way?  Please either reply to this post or DM me if you're interested.



If you are planning on operating in FL you should know it is illegal to offer properties for sale unless you own them or are licensed. That also holds true in most states. Get your license and open a lot more door than trying to broker without a license. 

I wasn't also under the impression that when you collect unemployment for 9 months, you should be actively searching for a job and not just "collecting" unemployment for 9 months... I would be careful on posting this on an Internet forum.