Wholesaling contracts in Washington State

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Hello BiggerPockets members,

My name is Daniel Welch and I live in Gig Harbor, WA.  I am new to the real estate industry and would like to start my business with wholesaling to generate enough operational costs to progress to rehabbing and eventually rentals.

It was recently mentioned to me that I have to have two separate contracts to complete a wholesale deal. One purchase and sales agreement contract with the seller, and a separate assignment contract for the buyer. Through all of my research and training videos I've only seen one ever mentioned. Can I please get some advice?

Daniel, probably THIS forum isn't the best for learning to wholesale.  Maybe check out some resources on YouTube, like Max Maxwell.  There are a few others that are really good - maybe others will add to this.  

As for BP, stick around, and don't necessarily assume that you cannot figure out some way to get started with a small rental property. Learn about house hacking and BRRR and all kinds of other interesting ways to get started.

Best of luck -- your hometown is a beautiful place.