Wholesaling and Investing with a license

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Anyone who has done this, please help me out! Would you recommend it? I primarily want to do Assignments, Double closes, pick up some rentals for my portfolio and if there is an opportunity to list for a seller; why not. I'll be taking my exam in 4 weeks, do you think I should hang my license with a broker and if so, how do I go about finding an investor friendly broker? 

In order to sell real property in most, if not all states, you’ll need to work under a qualified brokers license. You cannot go solo unless you’ve taken the Qualified Brokers exam and (at least in my state) have been an associate broker for 2 years. 

As far as the investor friendly brokerages, just interview them when you go check out offices. I highly recommend that you visit as many brokerages as you can and aline with whichever has the same values as you. There isn't really an issue with you investing and also practicing RE in your home state as along as you abide by the ethics and standards you pledge to uphold when applying for you RE license. You'll also want additional coverage in addition to your standard E&O insurance to CYA if something goes wrong when you mix business with pleasure. Good luck and enjoy reaping the rewards!