Looking a for investment real estate agent for Denver CO

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So I've been listening to a lot of podcasts and following the forums. I'm from the Bay Area, California and have been wanting to invest in Denver for a long time now. My sole aim to find a investment property with positive cash and appreciation over long term. I would love to talk to a real estate agent who has good insight and knows about the Denver market in depth.

Thanks .

@Minar Aware As a Denver native I think you are going to have a slightly hard time finding something to cash flow here. I believe it would have to be something off market, or in need of some rehab. Not saying that it isn't possible, but I think a lot harder and more capital than some other markets.

Hi Minar, Colorado is a great place and depending on how much you want to invest there are cash flow properties. They may not have a large cash flow but if you are committed to a long term investment, the appreciation should go up.

@Minar Aware I’m a Denver area realtor and also have my own rental/investment properties. If you’re still looking for help finding an investment property shoot me a message. I know of a couple right now! I find properties for myself and other local investors.

@Minar Aware I agree with many of the other posters that you will have some trouble finding properties in Denver with significant cash flow. I think Colorado Springs and Pueblo are much more suited to cash flow. If you are interested in those areas feel free to reach out.

@Tanner Crawley I keep hearing Colorado Springs is going to be like Denver in another 5 years. What I’ve noticed though is that with so much military here (about 40%) of the economy prices can’t go too high because military standard BAH rates are not increasing very fast and aren’t very high for that matter. 1381 for an E-5 and 1641 for an E-5 wIth dependents. If you are looking for a good realtor I’d recommend my wife for the springs area. For Denver - you could try Brandon Ray at MYCORE Properties. Hope that helps