Finding a good Real Estate Lawyer

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I'm living in New Hampshire seacoast area and looking for a lawyer specializing in real estate. What are the resources to find a good lawyer? What are some questions and things to consider when establishing a relationship with a lawyer?

Hi Ryan! As an investor who has had crappy advice from some real estate attorneys and great advice from others, it's certainly worth doing some due diligence on whoever you're considering. I have a couple in Manchester I can heartily recommend if you like. Hopefully you can get a few client testimonials and failing that, ask the local investor community for feedback on them, especially busy investors who are doing a lot of deals. Goes without saying you'd want them to specialize in the type of real estate you're considering. Have a 'if you were in my shoes as an investor, what things would you keep in mind' sort of conversation, so you can get a sense as to whether or not you're on the same page and if this is someone you want to do business with...... 

A "real estate attorney" is a much broader term than you probably realize.  Some specializations within real estate include:

Transactional (closing attorney)

Landlord/tenant/eviction attorney

Asset protection (setting up LLCs and trusts, and advising on the best structure)

Commercial real estate (Includes negotiating leases and P&S)

Contractor/construction attorney

Perhaps you want to fill us in on exactly what you're looking for?