New hello need some mentoring

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Good day all and i am new to the biggerpockets forum! Here for more education/confidence/and most important mentorship.

So i found this deal and i would like some evaluations on the season investors to let me know if this is a good deal.

4br 2 br 1,825sq Duplex foreclosure w/ a purchase price of $105k

Both sides newly renovated

One side is occupied with montly rent of $1850 and the other side vacant.

The home is next to a creek. So it will need flood/hazards/landscaping

The comps around the area are in the high 180s.

Ran the numbers if it was just going the one occuppant with all the insurance and a down payment of $10k

Cash flow is low - $73/m but that is based off one occupant @ $1850/m

Cap rate is around 9.6%

And COC is around 8.7%

If the other is rented out then number change but trying to be conservative.

Is this a good deal or bad?

What is a good percentage to margin?

73 is i was going off just the one incomes unit of $1850.

Mortgage with a 10k down payment on a 30yr loan would be 750-800m the house had been rehabbed but there can be some minor adds that can be done

Flood insurance will be $2112 annually

If your numbers are correct, and you rent out the other side, it sounds like a winner. How are you financing it? Is there the possibility of seller financing?

Yes i would see more cash flow if the other side is rented. Just wanted to gove conservative numbers! As for financing it, I am not sure which route is best. This is probably where some

Mentorship comes in. The property is a foreclosure