Seeking Multi Family as 1st investment-Houston,TX

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Hello all! I my wife & I are in market for a multi-family house or complex to purchase in Houston. This will be our 1st investment & we are really excited to get started. Been looking on HAR & have a few realitors whom work for a big investor we know looking for us, but I’d like to get some Houstonians opinions on the market as I have been away in Chicago for a number of years..... Where should I look? Where should I not look? How should I look? Tips on anything about multi families? Recommended Books for new investors? Thanks all

Hey Ray, 

I'm in a similar spot as you as my wife and I are looking for our first investment also! It's exciting but nerve wracking too. I can't offer any advice regarding Houston but regarding books... I'm sure you're aware every week on the podcasts they ask the guests for two of their favorite books and Brandon Turner has a list of his top 20 must reads for real estate investing so those are great sources. 

Personally, my favorites are...

ABCs of Real Estate Investing by Ken McElroy

Wealth Can't Wait by David Osborn and Paul Morris (about SO much more than investing, about life and it's amazing. both have appeared on the podcast)

and you can't go wrong with Brandon Turner's books.