Thinking about moving out of state

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Hello, My fellow peers on bigger pockets, I have been debating on an out of state move for the last 4 months. Here is the scenario I currently reside in my home town manassas in northern Va and rent but I want to make my first purchase to get my investment strategy started which will be the BRRR. I want to find a good deal on a duplex and house hack meanwhile following the BRRR method, but there are no duplexes in my area and I have always wanted to move out of state so I have been looking in areas of Texas because I like the area plus the market fits my budget and the job market is booming in certain areas as well as population. So I just wanted to get some advice on how I should approach an out of state move or should I start out locally?

Hey Juan,

What part of Texas are you interested in moving to?

I think house hacking for your first purchase is awesome! When you purchase, you can use 75% of the rental income on the other side to help you qualify for more and move forward. I would suggest you get a job offer first, then secure housing shortly afterwards. 

Hope to see you in our awesome state soon! 


@Brooke Noth Thank you for your reply, I have been looking in three areas specifically in Fort worth, arlington and austin. I currently work for T-mobile and can most likely transfer over to another store. I also am planning on heading to the bank to see what I can qualify for to have a more clear pictire.