Overwhelmed, but still ambitious!

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Investing in real estate can be overwhelming. Back in December of last year, I remember being excited about real estate investing then. During the excitement phase, I read various books on REI. Particularly, I read those that were published by Bigger Pockets. FIVE months passed as the reading continued, but no tangible progress. The informatIon overload, lack of patience, and not knowing the proper steps made REI overwhelming. It became overwhelming that I decIded to not continue the path of REI. However, today I’m back here to give it another try. But I have a question. How are you dealing with the overwhelm?

Take one step at a time. good first steps are: talking to local lenders in your area to find out what kinds of loans you can get and for how much. join your local real estate investment group (can't say that strongly enough) and pick an area- just one at a time- to find out the local rents and price per square foot in that area. 

Good luck!

MY advice is jump.....here is the thing if you are scared of heights they tell you to go jump off of something tall or out of a plane to cure yourself.  If you are overwhelmed by information stop reading and DO. Find a good support by going to a local group if you need that support.  Find what you need and go for it.  The first step to a mile hike is standing up.  Stand up and then move.  Don't be scared you are not getting anywhere doing what you already did. Try something new.  
REI is not for everyone and neither is skydiving. But, if it is exciting to you or something you feel you must do go do it.

I hope this helps.  

Need a pep talk tag me and I will try to help.

I am not condoning just wasting your money on a bad deal or making rash decisions.  But make one decision a week toward the goal of your first property..

If you like my pep talk vote for it.......

@Moustafa Qaddora I agree with Michele! You need to be able to get it in your head that you are never going to know everything going into your first deal, or any deal for that matter. You need to do your analysis, make sure the numbers work and just go for it. I’ve only been doing my REI research for the last two months and plan on closing on my first deal by the end of the year, and have kept it in my head this entire time that once I find that deal where the numbers work I am going to have to just go for it. Adjust your mind set little by little day by day and by the time you find that first deal, you’ll have already prepared yourself to make the jump! Best of luck to you.