Analyzing Property in Australia

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Hi guys!

I’m working on analyzing property at the moment, and would love if someone could point me in the right direction!

I understand how to analyze from what Brandon has written in his books, but obviously that is all to do with America!

Is there any differences in what to include while analyzing property in Australia.. as in any expenses I should include or not include when comparing to the US?

I hope this makes sense, and any help would be terrific!

Thank you so much.


Im in the same boat mate - some of the metrics and principles from the US texts will carryover but at the end of day, we're different countries with different economics, restrictions, opportunities etc. I recently bought Grant Cardones real estate book and he talks about some of the things he looks for, but I am yet to create a spreadsheet and plug in Aussie properties for comparison. Keep me posted if you find anything!

Good stuff mate!! I just found your reply, how did you go? For mine, buying apartments makes sense but obviously needs massive capital. I just think the market is so different here we have no choice to get in the market but with single properties either a family home outside the CBD or an apartment closer. But to support your original post, I am most interested in the metrics. i'll start going to the seminar spruikers soon and ask a lot of questions and not buy anything haha

My suggestion when starting out is to not over analyse everything which is very easy to do. Pick a market based on your strategy and go from there. Finding the right team in your market is key.