Is Fundrise a good way to start in real estate?

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hello guys, my name is Ramin and I am a student. I don’t have a lot of money to invest in real estate but I have learned about this company called where I can start investing as little as $500. Then I can start my way up from there. I was just curious if anyone has worked with them before and if you have worked with them before, what is your input on this company? Would you please share your experience?


Ramin Kamal 

@Ramin R kamal Welcome to BP. Fundrise is one of many company. You can google them and a lot of other crowdfunding platforms will pop up. You can also search on BP for the previous reviews. And @Ian Ippolito can probably give you his expert opinion on the topic.


@Ramin R kamal , in my opinion, Fundrise has a good debt fund. On the other hand, I feel that some of their other funds (for example the ones involving ground up construction) are too speculative for a conservative non-accredited investor doesn't have a lot of extra cash to speculate with. I also feel that they do not do an adequate job of explaining to investors the risks they are taking with their investing wizard. (No matter what you choose, they seem to throw you into every fund that they offer and just tweak the percent.)

Personally, I would recommend that instead of investing relying on Fundrise to create a balanced portfolio for you, you take a step back and construct a portfolio of your own by taking the best from all the platforms. I would recommend starting with a more conservative, core/core+ real estate fund as your foundational holding Like Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust. Then, if you have more money, I would say add a debt fund. Then depending on your risk tolerance, add some more speculative funds.