Looking To Invest Out of State and Build A Team

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I'm from Los Angeles, CA and I'm looking to invest in Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas. Looking to build a solid team of:

  • Investment-friendly Broker/Lender
  • Investment-friendly Real Estate Agent (local)
  • Property Management

I'm a huge believer in referrals and word-of-mouth so I'm hoping I can start from there and eventually network for more opportunities. Feel free to leave a reply, send me a message, or connect!

@Casey I'm surprised the original post want flagged yet. I got flagged yesterday asking a person a series of questions (because their pay was vague, stating they wanted to get into rei in the U.S. and they are from Africa) and one of the questions were if they were looking for a pa.rtn er. sh.ip. But I was asking for clarification. If he wanted to invest solely money, or wanted to flip himself etc etc.