West Virginia Panhandle area looking real estate accountant

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Hi everyone,

First time on BP forum.   I just starting out and I have two SF homes I just bought and I would like to set up with a new accountant to help set up my business. I am looking for a local tax accountant who specializes in real estate investing and preferably owns properties him/herself. We live in the Charles Town area and would like someone close even from the Northern Virginia area.



Hi Jose,

I live in Charles Town, and I use Brett Hersh of HBS for my taxes. He also does bookkeeping. He owns some rental property, although I'm not sure how much. Here's his website:


Out of curiosity, where are the properties you bought as rentals?


I used NORADA Reality, turnkey property.  This is my first venture with turnkey operations.  The homes are in Indianapolis.   Because of my busy schedule, turnkey and investing in notes will be my target for now.  What kind of coaching do you do?