Starting MA Investor

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Hi all I started being interested in investing only a few days ago, I been reading and researching as much as possible scene then.  Was wondering any advice that I can get before investing in my first house in MA?

Welcome to BP @Orlando X Nieves ! My advice to you as you are beginning is to determine what you want from real estate. You already mentioned that you are looking for your first house in MA. Is it to live in or a rental? What is the exit strategy you have in mind? What you are looking for would guide what to do. 

@Orlando X Nieves welcome orlando! It all starts by doing your research. I am new as well but in the last 5 months of listening to podcasts and reading I’m still learning but I think I’m almost where I want to start. It’s about what you’re comfortable with. BiggerPockets is a huge source for any type of information necessary to start your career! I would recommend listening to podcasts and reading about real estate and if you have a question about what you learned from either source look it up or post about the topic on here to see what people say. Many people in here love sharing their knowledge. Good luck!