Investing In College

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Hi! My name is Jake Pence. I'm a 20 year old college student at the University of Illinois studying finance. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad 6 years ago and have been committed to not falling victim to the Rat Race ever since. I'm committed to find financial independence for my family and myself in the next 10 years. Before I can get there, my goal is to do one deal in the next 18 months before I graduate. No matter how many books I read or podcasts I listen to I will not find the confidence or credibility to help get me through the first deal alone. Next Summer (2019) I would love to work for a real estate investor or real estate company as an intern during my Summer break. I'm currently located in Central Illinois, but I will travel to wherever there is an opportunity (paid or unpaid). I'm especially interested in the Nashville, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Chicago areas. If you know of any opportunity, even outside of these areas, please steer me in that direction. Thank you to anyone with advice or who is willing to give me 5 minutes of their time. 

I’m outside of Chicago if your interested message me. Not sure how much help I’d be since I’m newer to the investment side but I might be able to reach out to some people on your behalf.