How & When do you approach Tax delinquent properties

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I have these properties of owners owning $1,000-$10,000 in back taxes. Some are vacant some are occupied? After getting contact info, how would you guys approach the occupied owners?
@Shanae Williams Depending on how many properties, I like to send hand written letters for these. Very briefly, introduce yourself, explain why you’re writing and clearly layout how they can get in touch with you. Not always, but I often find homeowners in this situation aren’t the most professional or put together people. It’s sad but often people with drug habits and no jobs (at least in my experience). With these, I try to explain to them what happens if they don’t pay, most often they have no idea of the process. We then offer to pay the back taxes, pay for their move and depending on the value of he property, throw them a few thousand. This is a quick and easy way to get the property and avoid having to bid against other investors at the tax sale.
@Shanae Williams It can vary by county. Your best bet would be to contact the county tax collector and they’ll provide you with their specific details of the sale. Also know that some counties, (mine for example) use a third party vendor to facilitate the foreclosure and tax sale process. That’s usually a very good hint for investors because these companies make the process of purchasing the property very simple for us.

I would agree with Mike. Since the county wants these properties sold, so that they can collect the tax revenue, they will generally be more than willing to explain the process of buying the property or if they don't have the time or the know how to explain the process, they will usually point you to the resource that explains the process since the entire process is public information, and it is  not meant to be hidden from the general public.