Question about construction costs

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I probably respond in every one of these average SF cost threads, however there is no way to just throw an average at any overall rehab. I always use the example of a roof. You could have an 1800 SF 2 story colonial needing a roof replacement. On the same street you could have a 1200 SF one story hip roof house with a detached garage needing a roof replacement. If you simply use a random $/SF rehab budget you will miss one of these houses roof costs.

The 2 story house I would expect to pay around $4200-4500. The 1 story house I would imagine being in the $8500-9000 range... Your average $/SF number would probably not account for this, as the 1800 SF house would be "more expensive" to fix. 

There are too many variables to determine pricing this way. You can use /SF costs on individual scopes of a larger budget, but it will be near impossible to just say the "average" house needs $45 (or any random number)/SF to renovate.

@Annette Steele , are you asking about new construction costs or renovations? Commercial apartments are done around $110 - $140/S.F. for low rise products, but they have scale working for them. I haven't done a new-build yet, but anticipate it to be higher by about $25 to $50/S.F. For renovations, I usually plan on $15K to $35k for a 1,000 to 1,200 s.f. single family residence.

Hope that helps.