Where to start with Delinquent Tax list, Johnson County, Ks

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*Looking in Johnson County, Ks and surrounding counties.*

Hi, I'm new here and to real estate investing. I would like to start with delinquent tax lists but don't know exactly what to do first. I haven't obtained any lists yet. I thought it would be easy, silly me, was I wrong! I read some posts in the forums to try to figure out what to do and now feel overwhelmed.

Can you give me some ideas of where to start, what mistakes you made, anything can help.

I will keep researching and learning.

Thanks for all your help!!!

I should add that the plan is to use OPM to invest, fix and flip the delinquent tax properties. My husband would be the GC for the fix. He has a lot of experience with GCing and home repairs/remodels.

Hi Andrea, 

You may already have this info, but here's the site for the JoCo tax foreclosure sales: https://www.jocogov.org/dept/legal/tax-foreclosure...

There isn't one scheduled right now.

However, there are regular foreclosure auctions in JoCo as well.  Those occur much more frequently: http://www.jocosheriff.org/divisions-units/civil-c...

Hope this helps!

@Justin Rollheiser what would you consider a due diligence check list when looking at Kansas foreclosures? From what I understand there is a 12-month redeem time, with the potential of it shortening to 90 days. Is there a good way to check this?