Careers in Real Estate?

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I've read several books stating there numerous ways to make money in RE so I'm thinking about pursuing a full time career in RE. What are some of the best ways to begin a career in RE? Right now, I'm just looking to supplement my income and save money to enhance my RE porfolio. Does anyone know great ways to make a little extra cash in RE part-time?

If I didn't respond to this post, some might think I am ill and away from the boards!


How you get started in RE is of course ultimately dependant on what your planned overall outcome is. Are you looking for quick cash, do you want to hold properties, do you want multi unit, or apartment buildings, are you interested in commercial, do you just want to buy and sell with no hold..? What is your goal?

I think that no matter what your goal, you should start learning as much as you can about the various methods of RE Investing (starting by reading every post here is a good)

Then you might consider becoming a BirdDog (or Property Locator) for other investors. It's the easiest, most low risk way to get started in CREI and you can grow your career in any direction you'd like to once you have the basics mastered. You can also do it part time. Make your own hours and put in as much work as YOU want to.

Best of luck

Many people I know started off as realtors or mortgage brokers. The requirements for licensure are different state-to-state but once you are licensed there are a number of both realty companies and mortgage broker companies that would be interested in hiring you (and training you). You can gain a lot of experience, get to know the market and develop many connections starting off this way.