How should i start to invest in real estate ?

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Hi guys, I would like to invest in real estate for my first time. Could you guys can tell me from your experience of where i need to start & what is the first step? Actually i heard about couple of ways that make sense to me: -buy a single family fix it rent it kind of 8-10% net profit , is it something special or kind of basic at the u.s? -join to a group of people that buy a land building a brand new triplex or duplex or what ever, and sale it with some profit. For example: 100k$ project,i invest 50k$, and at the end of the sale i will get 50% from the net profit. From what things i need to be aware in this two ways of investing? There is other ways that i need to hear about? Thanks in advance to all the answers, Shay.

You will need some money to start and some of your expectations may be a bit high depending on where you want to invest and how you plan to finance a property.

@Aaron K. Thanks for your reply, i have some money to invest for the beginning. The location that i thinks about is California state or Florida state. like i said i would like to hear what is the options in these areas and what kind of offers i can get there, example of good deal, good profit with low rick level and nice rental income. I also interesting in brand new projects for group of 5 people if there is such a thing like that. To sum up i am open minded and ready for start. Thanks again, Shay

@Shay Yehuda you will not get a 10% annual return in California with rentals and you won't get 50% flipping here either.  You probably won't get 50% flipping in Florida either you might get 10% with a rental in Florida but it would probably be in Jacksonville or the panhandle and may be in a lower class neighborhood.

You need to research your own area to determine the best path to invest. No one can provide that information. Find a realtor and get your boots on the ground after you have studied all the information available on here regarding Finances, investing and real estate in general.

This is high risk regardless how you approach it so be well educated before you begin and all your questions will be answered. There is no short cut, you must do th eresearch yourself.