Accessing County GIS data

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  I found a county that has downloadable link for GIS data. When I unzip the file I see main file is: data.rar. Is there specific program to open that file type or is there way to import it into google earth? I am hoping this GIS data shows parcel lines.

thank you


An .rar file is another compressed file just like a zip file. I don't know why they would put an .rar file inside a .zip file though. When your dealing with GIS files that you can use with Google Earth, you'll want to be looking .kml or .kmz (just a zipped .kml file). If you see a reference to a shapefile, or .shp files, you would need to have a more professional GIS program like QGIS or ESRI's ArcMap. 

Most counties will be using web based user friendly parcel viewers. You should only need to download a viewer. Anything is will be for more sophisticated uses. Try the links through each counties assessor.