Analyzing Area to Invest

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Hi All,

       In terms of investing in RE many investors tend to invest in areas where property value is appreciating. How do I analyze the market of an area and find out if the property value will appreciate or not. Also if there are any good blogs or podcast you would like to recommend.

Biggerpockets is a great wealth of info. Start with the podcast they will give you plenty of reading material and further individuals to read up on.

I am a big supporter of Jake and Gino's Wheelbarrow of Profits. They are guinuine and down to earth. They own a thousand units in TN and share a ton of info. They are Multifamily investors and if that's what you are looking to do then you will not find a better startegy out there. Their podcast is top of the shelf.

Biggerpockets and Jake and Gino are the two internet resources that have helped me grow the most hands down.

In direct response to your question: Historically have prices been appreciating over time and by how much? How stable is the market? Is the market growing? What does are the economic indicators potraying? Appreciation comes from demand, demand usually comes from growth. Appreciation can also be forced as in commercial or MF properties.

@Talha Makki I use to collect and analyze a lot of info.  However, doing a quick online search for say "top 10 places companies are moving to" will bring up article that may help you choose a state or city. From there you can validate and cross reference info with city data site and govt sites.  Once you pick a state / city you can start diving into towns and suburbs to see where the better school systems are and better places to live or where you feel a solid investment can be made.