Any investors/wholesalers in Norristown Pa??

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Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I'm looking to start investing in a few rentals in the Norristown Pa area. I'm looking for off market muliti-family or single family homes.  Is there any wholesalers or in the local area? Also does anyone have any rentals in the area?? Good place to get some rentals?

Hey Mike!  I'm a Real Estate Agent who specializes in investment properties.  I actually just helped someone get a duplex in Norristown about 6 months ago, and have taken many clients to the area.  The township can be a little hard to deal with, as  they are always very strict with U&O inspections etc but overall its a good area for cashflow, and possibly appreciation (although I personally wouldn't hold your breath for massive appreciation there).  I would love to help you in any way I can.