Pay off loans or acquire more rentals

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I am 22 years old with the three properties im stuck in a position of paying off my cheapest mortgage which would take 2 years or do i buy another rental which will be this time next year. All my properties are cash flow positive and im really not in the need of the full cash flow of my rentals. A lot of my family/friends want me to pay off one of my houses and snowball it but im curious what you guys think.
@Gabriel Benavidez I am in the same boat i have 1 positive cash flow property but i am trying to pay it off asap wich will take me 2 years give or take And then from there my idea is to equity loan cash out to buy more properties cash from the loan and repeat new property cash out loan repeat 5 times and ill be cashflowing 2k positive after expenses or so i think according to my math with my target (after expense) ROI of 8-12% depends on the deal i find