Los Angeles REI Team Recommendations

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Good day everyone, 

I am a new investor based in Los Angeles, and I would welcome recommendations for the following real estate investing team members in Los Angeles, preferably based on first-hand experiences you have had.  It would be great if you can say a few words about why you recommend someone (what you like about working with him/her/them), as opposed to simply listing someone's name.  I hope that this discussion will be a helpful resource for other investors in Los Angeles.  

Contractor: General contractor specializing in real estate investing rehabs & renovations (who might be more cost-effective and time efficient, as compared to contractors who specialize in homeowners looking to do renovations on their own homes - I've spoken with a number of contractors when working on renovations for a family home and the quotes have seemed to be much higher than expected based on my review of various podcasts, etc., on estimating rehab costs).

* Windows replacement: Anyone who does an excellent job replacing windows with decent quality materials at a cost-effective price (I've spoken to some contractors who don't do windows, who would outsource). 

Plumber: Primarily for leaks and clogs, etc. But also for larger projects such as repositioning pipes (such as during a bathroom remodel) and even copper repiping.

Handyman: For things like a broken cabinet door, broken garbage disposal, "little fixes" that don't require a contractor/plumber/etc.

Accountant / Tax Consultant: CPA or EA that is well versed in taxes particularly geared toward the real estate investor. Good traits would include being top of the latest tax law changes, thorough knowledge of tax benefits from real estate investing, proactive approach to tax planning (ie, comes to you with recommendations to help save on taxes), etc.  

Real Estate Attorney: Someone with an excellent knowledge of current RE law, who can review contracts and who knows the legalities relevant to RE investors/landlords in Los Angeles/California.

Property Manager: I expect to start with buy-and-hold residential properties (1-4 units, though am interested in 5+ multiunit properties eventually). I am also interested in short-term rentals, depending on the area. 

Realtor: At this time I am interested in residential properties from 1-4 units as buy-and-hold rental properties.  (I am also interested in short-term rentals, depending on the area).

The above are the team members I'm particularly interested in at this time, although I will be seeking to develop relationships with the following as well (and therefore welcome recommendations on these as well): 

Escrow Officer or Title Company 

Insurance Agent 


I have to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Glen Oaks Escrow!  They're based in the San Fernando Valley and I've just had nothing but a great experience with the last few loans we've closed using them.  Amazing service and competitive rates!  I've dealt with Eric, Nicole, and Lauren over there and all of them have just given awesome response times and gone above and beyond their duties.