Kansas City Rehab Discussion

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I am looking to meet up and have a coffee with a local rental rehab person in the KC Metro area. I have a few questions on costs, permits, and personal experiences in the area on small multifamily and SFR. As I am original from Arkansas I am our of touch with market rates for rehab costs and permits in this area. I have been living in Kansas for over 3 years and trying fill in some gaps. If you have some rehab jobs going that would be great. I would love to visit your properties during a rehab if you don't mind. The more being done the better. If there is anyone interested in meeting up and sharing some experience and knowledge I would appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you and my schedule is flexible.

@Lawrence Ryan Basham where are you wanting to invest in Kansas City?  The costs and requirements vary greatly depending on what county and city you are looking at.  I have a full rehab ($45k) going on in Independence that I can show you, if you are interested.