Newbie to wholesale real estate, New York market.

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I am just starting in wholesale real estate. I have no background in real estate what so ever. I am watchings tons of videos, pod casts, audio books etc. I am truly determined to become an investor. How many of you fully self taught? How many invested into seminars? How did you take what you learned into action? Any tips and tricks to jump into it? Also how do I generally gauge how much it cost to fix/reno a NY property without hiring a contractor?

Hey @Keerah Linnen welcome to BP! Keep absorbing information here and check out a few local Real Estate Meetups in your area. I actually obtained a real estate license to learn more about real estate in general and for access to the MLS.

You're in the right place, keep asking questions.


Keerah, real estate sales and real estate investments are two different animals however obtaining a real estate license would be useful in the sense that you will be more familiar with "some" of the terminology used, you can make connections with other realtors, get an understanding of the closing process and you will have the "inside scoop" on properties that have not hit the market yet. I myself am new to real estate investing however I've had my RE license. You're definitely in the right place to learn all you need to know in regards to RE investing and as Mr. Mc Sherry state very well, keep absorbing and join a few of the local REI meet up groups and REIA groups. Good Luck!!