New member interested in Property Management/Flips Baltimore, MD

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Hey Bigger Pockets Community,

My name is Kyle Starkey, and my background is in Marketing and General Business Optimizations and workflows. I have had substantial success with everything from SEO, to third-party e-commerce platforms like Amazon. I have recently moved from Denver to the east coast for family and want to start my new chapter in life with Real Estate being a big part of it.

 LinkedIn if interested in more of my background.

I have been a long time lurker of the real estate world trying to figure out how to get my foot in the door.

When I was in the Navy, I spent my time underway reading every real estate/self-help book I could find. I bought my first forclosure townhouse in Aurora, CO. I tried, before the crash, to take 80% equity out to buy another unit but had zero luck at securing traditional funding through a bank. Luckily never went upside down.

My goals with Real Estate are to fund my retirement and make a great side hustle paycheck along the way.  I am interested in flipping houses, multi-units/single families BRRRRs. 

While  I am here to learn and will help where I can; I joined the forums because of "The Book on Rental Property investing" and the chapters on how financing works. Before the book, I was pretty deterred after my experience in 2009 with lending from banks.  But now I have hope :)

I would love to find a mentor on here to learn from in the area. Or a part-time gig to get through the transition from Denver to East coast.

After reading the forums for a few days, I am curious:

  • When you mention "doors," is that units? So a quadplex is four doors...
  • What are your end goals? 

Forums have never been my favorite form of education, but I will be checking in here often, and I am setting up the alerts for locals :).



@Kyle Starkey welcome to BP

When you mention "doors," is that units? So a quadplex is four doors...

Yes doors equals the number of units. 

What are your end goals? 

That is going to be different for everybody. Mine is to build enough rentals to live off the income. 

I would love to find a mentor on here to learn from in the area.

It would help if we know what area you mean. Your post or Profile do not mention where you are now. You might want to check out this blog post.

How to Find a Mentor

Hey hey! Thanks @Ned Carey

I am currently in Mount Ephraim, NJ but looking to move toward Baltimore, MD or queenstown, md area. I'm still learning the area and applying to get on the Prince George county FD. (Fingers crossed) 

How many rentals do you think that would take you to reach your goal?

@Kyle Starkey about 25-30  because I have a partner.  It would be less if it were just me. That is not living large but it covers my basic living expenses.