My first potential land rent deal, need help to start.

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      Hello investors, I have been researching and learning about real estate investing for a little while now. However, I've felt like i have to start saving for a long time before i get into my first deal because i don't have a track record in investing. Now i see a chance for me to do my first deal and get some experience. My father is very busy and he wants me to rent out most of his land for him to help him keep the property. I'm open to doing it and helping him out as well as getting some experience, but i don't know where to start and how this kind of thing would work. Is there a demand to rent land in Mendocino, California? If so what would be a fair price? How would i advertise? How would i screen potential renters to know if their reliable?

       Any help to get me on the right track with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nigel

Thers about 20 acres of flat land, and 10 more thats on a hillside. if undeveloped means not maintained with grass than yes.

Hi, Nigel, I'm a land broker.  We should talk.  Feel free to add me and I'll be happy to give some guidance. Thanks!

The property has a well with a water tank for water. should i get a rough measurement of the acreage available? ive come to the conclusion that fair market price would be around 3-5,000 for all thirty acres according to the few land for rent ads i found in the area. Any and all input is appreciated, thanks