New to flipping in Houston

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I live in Houston, TX and I am new to flipping. I renovated and sold two homes which I lived in each for several years but I now want to get started in flipping as an actual business venture. It was easy to find a house I wanted to renovate and live in because I didn't have to factor in the closing costs at resale when I was making a decision but now that I want to do this for a profit I have not been able to find a property on the MLS that is priced low enough to make sense for a flip. Do I have to go to auctions and wholesale? Is there nothing on MLS that would be good for a flip. Where do most flippers find property in Houston? I would appreciate your input. Thanks.

@Marsha Rost a really good way to find properties in Houston is to call all those "we buy houses cash" bandit signs. They are everywhere! MLS can be good sometimes but not your best source. If your looking for a realtor to list your properties let me know :)