Just want to share a little of my story.... I Hope It can motIvate someone else. Found bigger pockets podcast a little over a year ago. I was going to downsize since kids are leaving for college so I bought a smaller house without a contingency and ended up with 2 houses. Thanks to bigger pockets I converted it from 3/2 to a 4/2 with an office and rented it. Now I’m a landlord. Now I am listening to bigger pockets DAILY and reading every book I can get my hands on. Fast forward 6 months. I bought an out of state triplex that has great cash flow. Negotiation went Well and all three tenants are long term. It is two blocks from my daughters college and I will be converting to furnished student housing and more than tripling the cash flow in early 2020. Learned this trick from a podcast guest. It will cash flow my daughters last two years of college. 20 days later I just put two houses under contract with a local wholesaler. Two 3/2 on the same 1 acre property in the path of progress. Cost $99,500 and both will rent for $900-1100 conservatively. I close in a week and start two rehabs at once. So 6 units in 1 year all with a full time job. I postvthis to show that big things can happen in a short period of time. Just educate yourself and set goals. My goal was 5 units this year, now I’m thinking bigger for next year.