Need the push to get my first Rental property

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I started listening to BP about 2 years ago and got very distracted with life. But now i'm regretting not taking action when i first started listening. 
So here is to the present! 

I need a kick in the  butt and making it my ONE THING to purchase my first Real Estate rental property (probably house hack a multi-plex) this year 2018. 

If there are others in Wenatchee WA area i'd love to meet up, or just get in contact and would love encouragement by seeing some deals you all are getting done! 

It always seems impossible before you do something, but the second after you do it, I know you just wanna keep on doing it again and again!


Get to it Shawn! Think outside the box- out of state! Western states are nottttt the place for rentals right now. Unless you really want to buy a primary residence also for the house-hack. But that's more of a personal than investment need. Nice to keep those separate.

All the best!


Start by looking at deals every day.  Underwrite them and go through the numbers.  This will give you confidence when the time comes.  It is also good practice.  Watch the properties see what they sell for and compare your numbers.  Get your pre-approval on your loan.  Taking action on these things sets your mind to the next steps.  Always moving it forward.  Don't wait to join a group in your area.  Just go and make it happen.  No one will care more about your success than yourself. 

Good Luck


Glad to see your interest in Real Estate and getting started on something for your own portfolio!

I am from the area and have a number of local rentals. Let me know if you would like to grab coffee sometime and we can talk real estate if you would like.

You can do it Shawn. Get your financing in line, connect with an agent to get you on the listing service if you have not already and lastly have your criteria listed out on what you want to get in terms of cash flow/ROI/cash on cash return and then go out there make the offers and get one. Don't over complicate it.

I have a handful of multi family properties in eastern Washington and the numbers work for me out there.

Good luck!