My first Real Estate Investor Meeting

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Hello Everyone! My name is Darionn Trigg and I am brand new to the real estate field. I'm currently in the process of educating myself on real estate investing, in particular Real Estate Wholesaling. Wholesaling is something I quickly fell in love with after watching many videos on YouTube and listening to plenty of podcasts. I would like to begin my real estate journey with wholesaling as the foundation of my real estate business and after mastering that process I would like to begin rehabbing properties and building a rental portfolio. 

I recently signed up for my first Real Estate Investor meeting, and I am extremely excited to attend since this will be my first time doing anything related to real estate. Since I am brand new and still in the learning process, I don't have a LLC set up, which means of course I don't have business cards or anything formal at this point. My goal for this first meeting is to soak up as much information I can from other investors, get a better feel for hot markets in my city, and hopefully begin to build a cash buyer list so I will have someone to market properties to when I find sellers. Since I don't have business cards or an LLC set up, what is the best way to network with other investors to show I'm serious about building my business and getting my feet wet in the real estate field? Should I wait until I have more of a business structure before I begin to network and build a cash buyer list?

I live in San Antonio, TX so anyone who lives here or has knowledge of this market your responses are encouraged! 

You need to get some cards from vista print or moo or one of those online places. Quick simple cards that have your name, number, email and maybe a picture of you so that people remember you. 

When you meet someone, get their card also. Call them the next day and see how you both can work together or help each other. 

@Darionn James-Trigg Welcome to BP my friend I'm glad to see you on here! First off good job on coming on here and taking action by signing up for a real estate meet up. However what kind of meet up did you sign up for? If it is one of the REIA's or meet ups where "the first time is free" I would AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. Those meet ups just prey on newbies like yourself and will just try and sell you a very expensive wholesaling program. You need to go to and search for FREE real estate meet ups to attend. Along with going to these meet ups and shaking hands and networking you need to join real estate groups on Facebook and stay active om there as well. An LLC and business cards do not matter. You need to go out and meet people and talk to people doing what you want to do, that is just an excuse to procrastinate and not take action. Wholesaling is not easy, and you aren't going to get rich or make money very quickly. It takes time and consistency, I just pray you haven't been sold this idea that it is all peaches and cream and you will be financially free in 6 months after wholesaling. Good luck my friend! Keep learning and growing!

Hey @Darionn James-Trigg - going to a meetup is a great first step to taking action! What is the group you signed up for? Michael was right about some of the REIAs that charge, but there are others that also charge (for example Alamo REIA) that are actually good!

You will not need anything but yourself and people will understand that you don't have a business started yet. Just worry about meeting people and getting your name out there and the rest will come! Get cards from others and *Follow UP* it is the easiest yet most forgotten thing to do. It's all about building your network at first which can sometimes take 6 months in itself. There are also a lot of great people on this forum who are happy to help (even from San Antonio!) but meeting in person makes a big difference. Hope to see you at one of the events soon!!

Thank you everyone who took time out to respond to my post. I hope to meet the San Antonio residents who responded. I will be attending the SAREIA meeting tonight, which was free of charge for first timers. My goal is to just network and learn the environment around me since I am new to this field. Ive seen plenty of expensive wholesaling programs that I know NOT to purchase. I thank you guys again!!

@Darionn James-Trigg don't over think getting started. As a wholesale starting off you don't need an LLC or anything fancy. Like @Rick Pozos said, just get simple business cards from Vista print with your name, number, email, and a line that says real estate investor so people know. Now start networking like crazy. I don't care for the REIA's that much as they are all guru led and they're always trying to sell some BS program. Instead try attending happy hours and other of those types of meetups where you can spend more one on one networking and getting to know people. I started how you are now so if you have any questions reach out.

@Jonatan Barbera thanks for responding to my post. I did attend the SAREIA meeting and it did seem more like sales rather than true education or networking. I will take the advice of getting some business cards printed so I can begin to market myself. I will keep you in mind for any future concerns or questions that I may have. Again thanks a bunch!