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Like the title says.. Im a little lost on where to start out in investing in real estate. I've been looking and studying about getting into wholesaling but everywhere I hear that the market is too high and not enough spread. I've been looking into auctions but not sure how to raise capital. I can fix up a house no problem since I am a licensed contractor. Any thoughts or ideas is appreciated! Thanks guys!

Wholesalers are coming up with multiple deals a day here in Phoenix, so there are definitely good markets for wholesaling. I've personally never done wholesaling so I don't know the process of financing, but the idea is not to pay for the house yourself anyway, so funding shouldn't be an issue. The main thing is finding someone who will give you some sort of prequalification so you can provide it to sellers when you make offers. The big cost of wholesaling from what I can see is the marketing cost. The mailings and so forth. But if you want to buy to flip for yourself then a hard money lender would probably be a good place to start.