Investing from outside the USA

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Hello Biggerpockets members,

My name is Shahaf and I'm a software Engineer from Israel, it's my first post here.

I'm studying the power of passive income and real estate investing(rental properties) for a while now,
I'm really interested to start investing in the U.S but not sure how it's going to be managed,
I mean I can fly like a couple of times a year, but is it really possible to do that remotely?

I'll sharp my question, is there any platform or certain ways I can manage all the basic aspects of investing like, finance, properties analyzing without seeing it in real life, property management , properties buying ans selling, accountants handling and lawyers, taxes etc..

BTW I'm visiting the US in a couple of days, anything I should do while i'm there ?

@Shahaf Benita Hello and welcome to this great community. This is by far the best place to learn and to get objective advice from the professionals in this forum I am working on a book called "how to manage your out of state / out of country rental properties " and I would love to share my experience and knowledge. To sum your question- managing properties from abroad is possible. I also believe that for your first couple of properties- You MUST manage yourself , it will be the best learning experience for you and will do wonders to your learning curve... Feel free to connect if you would like some help at the beginning of your RE journey. Last, if you visit the states make sure to open a bank account in your name it is important for your success and should be done in person vs paying someone to open it remotely... Also make sure on your next visit to your the market/ properties in your selected investment area. Nothing is better then sèe and feel personally ... Good luck!

@Shahaf Benita I also invest from outside the U.S. and it can be done. However I recommend that you first find a location you want to invest, and then build up a network there. It would likely be best to spend a couple of weeks there, if possible, setting up some meetings with property managers, realtors, and contractors.

And I strongly suggest you get a property manager at first. I've found it immensely helpful, especially when you consider the difficulty of a tenant contacting you outside the U.S., the ease for a property manager to do a visual inspection, their knowledge of local contacts, etc. 

@Shahaf Benita have you thought about investing with a local partner or investing in a syndication deal? Many people on BP have the local expertise that take years to master and are always looking for partners to take on more and bigger projects. Some even give 8% preferred returns.

@Lior Reich Thank you, was attending to open a bank account, you just made my action stronger so thank you for that. and i'll definitely look into your writings. I would also love to have a quick talk if you can, to get a bit more details about particular subjects :)

@Wes S. Thank you for the reply! helped me a lot!

@Michael Roman Will absolutely consider that if i'll have a strong connection there who I count on, I will develop the connections with the time :) Thank you for the reply!

@Shahaf Benita Welcome to BP community! I absolutely agree with @Lior Reich that BP is the best place to learn about RE investing. Tons of resources. 

In terms of investing remotely, a few options have been suggested to you already. I'd say, start with determining as to whether  you'd like to be active or passive investor. In other words, how much time do you have and/or can realistically spend on managing your RE investing business. If you have plenty and want to be active then take finding the property route (as one of the options). If your time is limited or you prefer that someone more experienced takes care of the investments for you, then syndications is a good option to consider.

Best of luck!