Paul Moore discussion on turning 100k into several mil in 30 yrs.

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Can anyone point to the biggerpockets live podcast Paul Moore is referring to when he describes a calculation of turning 100k into several millions in 30 yrs. a specific podcast and time during the podcast would be helpful. I have been searching and have not found it yet. I have only found podcasts where he referred to it. 

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@Andy Cason Not sure about a specific BP live , Ive heard some of his and enjoyed them. I know he has a book but I haven’t read it . Starting with 100k cash and ending up with millions in 30 years would not be too difficult even with passive investments especially if you are reinvesting or letting it compound . Something more active like flipping or doing value add deals and then selling them of course could get one there a lot quicker .

Andy, I am sorry to just now see this. I am not sure which specific BP live I mentioned that, since I have done so many. Shoot me a message here on BP and I can explain it to you. Thanks!