Grant Cardone 10x Growth Conference 3 in Miami

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ok I know this is not until February 2019 but I am excited and have never attended the 10x Growth Con’s in the past

Been a huge GC fan forever

Anyone else going?

I am also saving to buy his Cardone U, real estate course, & invest in his fund for non accredited investors 

I like GC I've read most of his books as well as purchased the live stream of 10x 2 last year and it was worth it. I would love to go to 10x 3.

With that being said, I think saving and buying an actual deal will provide much more benefit than his courses.  

Hey @Karen Beadle

I’ll be attending this upcoming one and am super excited. Have met GC before but never attended a 10x event. Personally I see it more for a motivation & wisdom benefit and like @James Caruso said I would prefer to fund my first my deal before feeling I need some push from his courses.

I will be making a thread as we get closer to the date so keep your eyes peeled!

@Jeffrey Mcintyre I was looking through BP to see if anyone else here would be attending the growth con... I’ll be sitting in the real estate section as well!! Section FL-9 near 3rd base to be exact!

I’d love to connect and meet some fellow BP friends.