Should I Start A Syndication Company?

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Quick background check... I'm a licensed contractor, commercial realtor, and I'm an import broker. I have turned and rehabbed over 3,000 units for other companies which I imported millions of dollars of products for these rehabs. I've helped clients sell and buy millions worth of multi-family and commercial real estate deals. Most where value-add situations in which I was able to help with the "full picture" so to speak by giving them estimated purchase cost, value-add cost, after-repaired value, and estimated sale price.

With that said I would like to start my own multi-family syndication company offering these same services for a % and putting my own money in the deals too. 

What are your thoughts?

@William Morris Real estate syndication is a way to pool investors' money together to buy commercial real estate.  Are you asking whether you should buy properties by leveraging syndications?