The hunt is on in Augusta GA

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Looking in the southern portion of Augusta GA for a 2/1 to 3/2 SFD for about 50 - 60K. Finding out there is a lot of choices, like I am overloaded. There are a few that look in good condition that is below my price point, but need about a little work, which I am not afraid to get done. Just need to find a general contractor, I think. Trying to narrow my list down to about 5 to bring in the realtor to do walk through. Some have tenants, which seems to me to be an easy win. Any suggestions on what I should be considering when looking at these properties, either drive by or walk through? Any suggestions on finding and look for in a local contractor?

  @Christian Wamsley

1. Start with the neighborhood. Pick one right outside a good one, find one starting to gentrify. Look at city development plans. Find places city plans to spend money on. Learn neighborhood trends. Right location will give you appreciation.

2. Pick an agent who is a real estate investor him/herself. It can be a great resource. He can provide a lot of insides. 

3. Once in the property, spend a few min and chat with the tenants. Ask them how long they have been living at the place, how do they like the neighborhood, their next door neighbors,  their house. What are the problems with this place? What do they think about their landlord. Look at the foundation, electrical plumbing and HVAC. Ask your realtor what are the issues he / she sees.

4. If you are serious about the property, drive by a few times on Friday / Saturday night, drive around the block, look at crime maps ... 

5. Contractor - ask here, ask your realtor, ask friends and family.

6. Research your rents and run your numbers.

PM me if you have questions.

Good luck.