Just getting started, asking for guidance.

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I'm looking to break into the rental property game with an owner occupied triplex or quadplex in the coming months. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for agents in the Southern New Hampshire area that I could meet up with and start my search with. Any additional suggestions, advice, guidance or even cautionary tales would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I will be attending some meet-ups in my area in the next few weeks and am currently doing the mentioned search on BP for local agents. I know I have a few months before I can make any moves, I'm just looking to get my feet wet and get more information on my local market. I appreciate your suggestions @Dan Barli !

Definitely listen to the BP Podcast (and their new show on money!), take a few seasoned investors out to breakfast and attend local REIA events. Next week's NHREIA meeting in Manchester will be worth attending - they're doing a couple of case studies on apartment buildings, actual deals that went down, this is a great group. I'm also happy to provide any insight for what it's worth, too...... :)

There’s also a meetup in Nashua the third Wednesday of the month.  

I’m looking in the Southern NH area and I’m finding more properties that seem to work as owner occupied compared to straight rentals.