Analyzing Repair/Rehab during Property Showings

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Hi All BiggerPocket Members, I am new to real estate investing. I got really exited to invest in real estate as buy n hold (specifically BRRRR) after reading several bigger pocket books n listening podcast. I have look couple property with real estate agent. One thing I have difficulty is estimating potential rehab cost estimation (as well as any big property issue that I should know of). I am planning bring local handyman with next time to examine property with me to get proper estimates. Was wondering how much should I pay? I am also considering to go to Home Depot or Lows to get familiar with costs of material by myself and also get contacts of various contractors or handymans from my area so that I can just quick give them a call later and find out potential cost by discribing situations. Also, wanted to know how you guys handle situation like this. Is there any other techniques that is more better vs another to examine repair/rehab cost while analyzing property. Hope to get lot of stories n ideas from you guys. Thanks you. It’s always fun to read stories n idea on this forum.

What you are currently doing is good homework to be successful later. Also go to your local real estate investment group. Several members at mine have offered to walk properties with beginners. Go with a good attitude and people tend to be very generous.