Down Payment for a Duplex

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Hi All,

I recently found a duplex in a good area and ran it through the Rental Property Calculator with good results. The list price is $230,000. I wanted to initially get a HELOC against my primary residence (owned free and clear) for the down payment (roughly 70k with closing costs, etc.) Only problem is it takes 3-4 weeks to close. I'd like to get an offer on the table ASAP as I feel this property won't last long.

A couple options I see...

1. My mother has offered to use her HELOC and gift the funds for the down payment. To my understanding, conventional loans won't work here as gifted monies need to be seasoned to be utilized. Which leads me to....

  • Does anyone know of any portfolio lenders (in the Pittsburgh area) or other types of loans with which this is acceptable?  Bank Names? Types?

2. Using my mother's HELOC for a cash purchase and then agree to seller financing terms with her.

3. ???

I may be overlooking some other options/details as well.  Any help in regards to the best and fastest way to get this deal done would be much appreciated!

...and yes, I know, I should have lined up financing well before I found my first deal! :)


Hello, Adam! Sounds like you've got a good thing going two cents:

You should be able to secure a business loan with a local bank that would allow you to use gifted funds (they don't care where they came from) for the downpayment. The loan we discussed with our banker was a business loan specifically structured for real estate. They will run a similar (though not as painful) financial check as a traditional mortgage, so your cashflow and credit needs to meet certain criteria. It's not a 30-yr fixed rate, but it could be a good option for you on this deal.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

@Adam Keffer you have a good problem. You own your home free and clear. You need to get yourself in touch with a professional mortgage broker. ASAP if you want to put this deal together. Your agent should be giving you some guidance also.