I live in Louisville, KY.

I am working on my first project. However, I have made two contractors change. And that is sinking me more and more in the negative. I believe one of the reasons is that most of the agreements were verbal agreements. I was connected to them by someone i trusted so i blindly trusted them in return.Now that I am getting ready to get a third one, I decided I need some sort of contract and scope of work. I found a few templates on this site but when I click on them it says page no longer exist. Could you please share a template so I can use it as guide. Also the scope of work how does 1 know that let say 25% of the work is complete? Is there any order in completing a flip? for example: Kitchen first, then living room, then bathroom ect...?. This my second post on this site. If you read both, you will understand that I need some serious help.

Thank you in advance.