Questions About Analyzing Deals

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I am in the process of analyzing deals. I would like to know how you guys estimate taxes and insurance. 

In my area, I have to pay to see tax information on properties. It is a few dollars for each property I want to look up. Is there some other way to access tax information?

For insurance, do you just call the insurance company and get a quote for every property you want to analyze? That seems rather time consuming, as I can't seem to get a quote without the insurance company actually looking at the home.


The property tax rate should be the same for all residential properties in a city. It's typically the sum of the city and county MIL rates. Simply call up the property tax assessors office and ask them what the total MIL rate is for a particular city. For the insurance, call a local broker and ask them how their rate is calculated. It's typically a percentage of the fair market value or a percentage of the replacement cost. You'll also need the percentage they use for the replacement cost, i.e 65% of FMV, for the latter calculation.