Hawaii Property Managers

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Hello everyone, 

I wanted to clarify on whether or not I needed to get a property manager once I leave Ewa Beach, Hawaii if I rent it out.... Is it a law that I need to have one? What if I line up renters before I leave? Can I pay a friend of mine to look after the house? Trying to make as much cash flow as possible, but I also don't want to fork over 10-15% to a property manager who may or may not doing anything for me over however long I rent the place out. I know I still need to do my research on how much property managers would actually cost me, etc... but I was just curious if it was a law that I needed to have one. 

I appreciate any input!

- Ryan 

The state law is you must designate someone as your on Island contact if you don't live in Hawaii. This person can be your friend your housekeeper your real estate agent Etc. You are not required to have a property manager. 

Typically property managers charge 20% for vacation rental and 10% for long term rental.

If it's only one property and you intend to rent it yourself before leaving, I would simply designate a friend or housekeeper as your on Island contact.