Choosing an buyers agent

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I've spent the last several months educating myself. I've got a HELOC closing in the next few days using equity from a rental property I've been self managing for 5 years. I feel as though I have a strong understanding of a few strategies and I'm ready to go from constantly analyzing deals to actively looking for deals.

My question in, how do I choose an agent? Pretty much the only type of real estate I've ruled out is Commercial. Even then, I'd consider it if it was a building that had residential as well. (In fact I'm in love with a property that is just that, but I believe it is overpriced) I am interested in BRRR, Flip and Hold but I've decided to not make any purchases that have less than 2 of those as an option.

How do I find an investment minded realtor who is competent w/ mutlis, singles, REO/Foreclosure but can also handle a possible commercial deal? Is it weird to meet w/ several before choosing one?

Thanks in advance

Most agents aren't usually set up to go back and forth between residential and commercial. People generally specialize in one area or the other. I would definitely interview a couple of agents if I was in your position. You'll definitely want to be on the same page as your agent. 

Find out if they have any connections to the investment world. What is the rental market in the area, vacancy rate, etc. If you are looking at commercial, can they tell you about what the commercial market is doing or are they willing to connect you with a good commercial agent that can. Almost all agents will say they are willing to work with investors, but you need to make sure you and the agent are a good fit for each other before you commit to any extended service agreement.