What is the best way to find good contractor?

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Hi there,  recently bought a couple properties that need some repairs.   My problem has been finding good contractors that don't break the bank.  I don't mind paying for quality work,  but don't wanna go broke either.

So any suggestions on how to locate someone would be appreciated.   I plan on buying more properties and have the funds to float the note a bit till homes are repaired and rented.  Just know I'm losing money everyday till it's complete and I have tenants.

First of all - do not buy any more homes until you get these ones fixed up and cash flowing!

I have seen so many people buy buy buy and they haven't even completed their first project because they get so excited when the see a deal.

I would recommend using homeadvisor.com to find a contractor. If that doesn't work then contract your local agent or property management company and see if they have any recommendations for you.

Thanks for the advice.  I Already have a few homes.  Just having a time finding someone this time.  I don't plan on buying anymore till these are good.  Definitely don't have that deep of pockets, lol.